Fan-Cast: Batman, part 1

Batman - grey and blue/black costume from comicsFor my first fan-cast post, I wanted to do it on something/someone currently on everyone’s minds. With the much-anticipated Superman vs. Batman (or whatever it ends up being titled) movie (2016) and all of the associated casting news and rumors, I figured I should choose one of those guys, and… the Bat-dude won.

Of course, what I really have in mind with these casting ideas is not just a team-up but essentially a new Batman series of movies (or a TV show, for that matter) that I would like to see, with all of the core, classic and beloved friends and foes that make Gotham City and its environs their home. I actually have several parts/posts planned for the “Bat-family”, as I work my way through good guys and bad guys, masks and civilians. (Not all at once, of course.) So, let’s kick it off with the man himself…

Batman / Bruce Wayne

According to “Who’s Who in the DC Universe”, Batman is 6’2″ and 210 lbs. Our classically square-jawed hero is very muscular but not overly so. He incorporates martial arts and acrobatics into his activities and fighting style, so he needs to maintain speed, flexibility, and agility, along with strength. As Bruce, he is the stereotypical tall, dark, & handsome playboy, who looks great in a tux.

I have three contenders for this role. The first is Victor Webster (6’3″, b.1973). He’s in his early 40s — slightly younger than Ben Affleck, though — and the oldest of my three choices. I first became aware of him as one of the leads in the “Mutant X” series (2001-2004). Nowadays, he stars in the sci-fi show “Continuum”, while making the occasional appearances on other shows or in TV movies/videos. He has proven he can do action, and if you wonder what kind of shape he is in, check him out as Mathayus in The Scorpion King 3 (2012). If the studio insisted on going for a “more seasoned” Bruce/Bats (as they apparently did by casting Affleck), I’d have gone with Webster.

Victor Webster headshot

Victor Webster

Victor Webster poses as Mathayus

Victor Webster in The Scorpion King 3



Next on the list is Alex O’Loughlin (6’0.75″ or 6’2″, b.1976), co-lead in the new “Hawaii Five-O” TV series. Prior to that, he played a vampire private investigator in “Moonlight” (2007-2008) and a police detective for several episodes of “The Shield”. Oh, he was also a deputy in Man-Thing (2005), if that helps. Audiences have seen him shirtless and doing all kinds of action on-screen. I think he’s believable as an action hero. Plus, his Five-O character — ex-Navy SEAL, Commander Steve McGarrett — is sometimes quite serious, stoic, and intense, which would work for Batman, too, if he cranked it up a couple notches.

Alex O'Loughlin headshot

Alex O’Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin shirtless - wading in water










Finally, for a 30-ish Batman/Bruce I nominate Brett Dalton (6’2″, b.1983), known to comics fans as Agent Grant Ward in “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. This is Dalton’s first major role, but he’s certainly proving that he is physically fit (though he could use some more mass & definition) and can play the action hero. One obvious advantage to him playing Batman is his relative youth, which means they can start the bat-story earlier in Bruce’s “career”. Personally, I like the idea of casting a relative unknown (a la Christopher Reeve as Superman). The lure of the “big break” and chance to portray an iconic figure may make him more receptive to a multi-picture deal.

Brett Dalton in dark suit and tie

Brett Dalton

Brett Dalton as shirtless Agent Ward

“Agent Ward” gets a check-up










Just to mix it up a bit more, here are a couple honorable mentions: 1) Jay Ryan (6’0.75″,b.1981), currently seen in “Beauty and the Beast”; 2) Joshua Bowman (6′,b.1988) from “Revenge”, who would give us a Bruce/Batman in his mid-20s. If they do a TV series based on Bruce’s pre-Batman years of training, Bowman would be great.

Alright, Bat-fans! I think these guys are all better choices than any we’ve seen on the big-screen (or small-screen), yet. The only thing that could be an improvement, imho, is if they dubbed in Kevin Conroy’s voice. What do you think?

P.S.  Next post will cover the Boy Wonder(s)….

* All ideas copyright Christopher Harris, 2013-2014.


2 comments on “Fan-Cast: Batman, part 1

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  2. Brett Dalton should’ve played Batman for the Batman V Superman movie! I mean, Batman is approximately the same age as Superman, and in the New 52 comics, Batman is 32!


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