Saving the Cheerleader and Questions about the Heroes S1 Finale

Have you heard the news?!

It has been officially announced that writer/producer Tim Kring’s TV show “Heroes” will be returning next year (2015) as a 13-episode miniseries titled “Heroes Reborn”. While it will be “standalone” with a new cast and story, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke admits that they “won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.” Prior to launch, there will be a digital series to give fans some background on the new characters and plot(s).

Heroes emblem and charactersI was one of those who stuck with the original series through all four seasons. Yes, season one was the best and those that followed seemed to lack direction or focus or… something. (They really needed a 5-year, master story arc like Babylon 5 did.) When I read about the revival of the series, I started thinking about the original, naturally, and some questions I had jotted down after watching the Season 1 finale. A few are plot-oriented, so they may have been cleared up in Season 2, but I don’t remember. Others are just matters of seemingly inconsistent or illogical character behavior. Let’s just say I was somewhat disappointed.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but for those few of you who may not have watched the show — or, at least, the finale — and somehow haven’t realized that I might be about to reveal or allude to some critical elements of the show… SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!

OK, here we go…

  1. Why did Sylar just stand there and let Hiro run him through with the sword? Why didn’t Hiro finish the job (e.g., decapitation)?
  2. Why didn’t Sylar heal (sooner)? Or, if he did, why didn’t he interfere with the others?
  3. Why was Parkman so stupid as to think he could stop Sylar? (In the end, he was just a minor distraction.)
  4. Why didn’t Peter kill Sylar quickly instead of beating on him? Was he just reveling in his new-found strength?
  5. Why couldn’t Peter stop the energy build-up? I thought he had already established some measure of control.
  6. Since Peter had just been in Hiro’s presence, why didn’t he at least try to use the teleportation power? (Say, into space or into a big desert?)
  7. Won’t there be radioactive fallout? (I guess the danger might depend on how high up they went?)
  8. Did Nathan “toss” Peter and fly away, or did they keep going until Peter “exploded”?
  9. Did Peter actually explode or incinerate himself, or just release a huge amount of radioactivity, or…? Will Peter’s body be falling to Earth at some point? Is he alive?
  10. Is Jessica now fully integrated into Nikki? Or, did something just “click” in Nikki’s brain (or mind, or both) so that she now has the same enhanced strength that Jessica had?
  11. Why did Hiro ‘port back so far? (And what is the significance of the eclipse?)
  12. What is the significance of ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’? I know… I heard what Nathan said. But, what exactly did she do that allowed THEM to stop Sylar, other than allowing Peter to mimic her power? Or,… maybe it was something about her or something she said that got Nathan to the point where he would sacrifice himself to stop Peter?

Most of this is unfixable/unanswerable, but I just had to get it off my chest, after all these years. 😉 What about you? Was there anything that bugged you at the end of that episode, too?



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