Fan-Cast: Scot Harvath

Continuing from my last post, I am attempting to cast actors in the roles of some of my favorite thriller novel characters. I did Vince Flynn’s “Mitch Rapp”, and next week I’ll try Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher”. Today, though, Brad Thor’s “Scot Harvath” has my attention. But, first…

Back in 2010, Warner Bros. acquired feature rights for the Harvath novels, with the hopes of making them a new action-thriller franchise, a la Robert Ludlum’s “Jason Bourne”. The Lions of Lucerne (aka Harvath #1) was to be the first produced. But, the following year, it was announced that writer-director Ryan Craig (who looks kind of like Jason Statham, btw) had been hired to adapt the fifth Harvath novel, Takedown, presumably for the big screen. I haven’t found any more recent updates on either one, but IMDB does list The Lions of Lucerne as “in development”.

In that first novel, our hero is described thusly: “At five feet ten and a muscular one hundred sixty pounds, with brown hair and ice blue eyes, the handsome Scot Harvath looked more German than Scandinavian.” (I’m guessing it’s the brown-vs-blonde hair that makes the difference?) The Olympic-skier-turned-Navy-SEAL-turned-Secret-Service-agent is also, I believe, in his early- to mid-30s. Since I usually try to stick as close to the source as possible (or, at least, reasonable), I limited my search to those between 5’9″ and 5’11”. Age-wise, I considered anyone between (a relatively mature) 30 and (a youthful) 40. So, who fits the bill?

If you check out the fans’ comments at that IMDB entry for The Lions of Lucerne, you will see lots of names thrown around: Kellan Lutz, Mark Valley, Chris Pine, Bradley Cooper, Stephen Amell, David Boreanaz, Karl Urban, Ryan Reynolds. Most are too old and/or too tall and/or just don’t look right (for this role) to me. Other than that, of those just listed, I might consider Lutz (though he is a tad young; 6’1″,b.1985), Pine (6′,b.1980), or Amell (6’1″,b.1981). But, here are the three recommendations for Harvath that I came up with….

Scot Harvath

Mike Vogel - scruffy in t-shirt

Mike Vogel

Mike Vogel in uniform on Pan Am

(publicity shot for “Pan Am”)

Mike Vogel (5’10”,b.1979)

If you’re trying to place him, Vogel was in the 2006 Poseidon remake, Cloverfield, and recently the “Under the Dome” series. Darken his hair a couple shades, give him a little time to “buff up”, and he would be perfect. He even has the right color eyes, too, so no contact lenses required.



Luke Hemsworth - portfolio pic

Luke Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth with gun on The Anomaly

(still from “The Anomaly”)

Luke Hemsworth (5’10.75″,b.1981)

Hemsworth, older brother of the better-known Chris and Liam, could be a great alternate choice. He is about the right size and could use a breakout role beyond Australian TV (e.g., “Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms”, “Neighbors”).




Rick Cosnett - publicity shot for The Flash

Rick Cosnett (publicity shot for The Flash)

Rick Cosnett - in the gymRick Cosnett (5’11”,b.1983)

Cosnett, from “The Vampire Diaries” and the upcoming “The Flash”, might be a decent Harvath, too. He’s got the right look & build, so… darken his hair a little, add a few pounds of lean muscle, and he could be it.




Honorable mention goes to Channing Tatum (6’1″,b.1980), though he is a bit tall for Harvath. I’m not sure if his complexion can be made “dusky” enough for Rapp, either. Beyond those factors, he has the right basic look, age, and athletic build for either role.

If you are familiar with Rapp and/or Harvath, what do you think? Pretty good? Too many restrictions? If you have someone else in mind for the role(s), I’d love to hear it!



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