More Mistakes in “Powers” Casting

With the (re-)casting news announced this week for the much-anticipated, live-action adaptation of Bendis & Oeming’s Powers comic, I just had to give my two cents:

“What the…? Are you freakin’ kidding me?!”

Powers - Walker and Pilgrim on rooftop

Detectives Pilgrim & Walker

Retro Girl - original - comic panel

Retro Girl (original)










In case you aren’t familiar, the central characters are two homicide detectives specializing in cases that involve victim(s) and/or suspect(s) with “powers”. They are tall-dark-n-handsome, beefy, square-jawed hero-type, Christian Walker, and his short(er), hard-edged, foul-mouthed, spunky blonde partner, Deena Pilgrim (see pic). The plot in the initial story-arc — which I think they are doing for the TV show, too — is about the death of Retro Girl, a cute, young, blonde, and very popular superhero (see pic).

Originally, they cast Jason Patric as Walker. (Definitely square-jawed and handsome, but not particularly tall or beefy.) British actress Lucy Punch as Pilgrim. (Not bad, I guess.) Carly Foulkes (aka the “T-Mobile Girl”) was cast as Retro Girl. (Young and pretty; not a bad choice.) But, apparently the powers-that-be (that was a pun) were unhappy with the original pilot results and decided to mostly start over.

So,… now who do they cast? Sharlto Copley (6′ and fairly trim) as Walker, Susan Heyward (who is Black) as Pilgrim, and (40-something) Michelle Forbes as Retro Girl! (Others have been cast in supporting roles, and they aren’t any better, imho.)

Sharlto Copley - casual with arms crossed and beard

Sharlto Copley

Susan Heyward - white top and smile

Susan Heyward

Michelle Forbes - smiling in red dress

Michelle Forbes

Now, I have nothing against these actors. They are certainly talented enough, and I would love to cast them in something. But, physically speaking, they are all wrong for these characters. It isn’t necessary to match every detail, of course, and obviously certain characteristics are exaggerated in the comics. Again, though, if you want to successfully translate from the page to the screen — especially if the “page” has full-color depictions of the characters –, then you need to at least try to have your actors look reasonably close to the characters they are portraying. Sigh!

I’m not going to attempt a full fan-cast here, but off the top of my head (well, almost), here are much better choices for Walker, Pilgrim, and Retro Girl:

Patrick Warburton - t-shirt and jeans

Patrick Warburton

Valorie Curry - to the side, in grey top

Valorie Curry

Emily Kinney - little white dress, on the red carpet

Emily Kinney

‘Nuff said.


2 comments on “More Mistakes in “Powers” Casting

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