Pros & Cons of *X-Men: The Last Stand*

You may remember that last year I had a couple posts with my initial reactions — i.e., brief notes I jotted down after returning from the theater — to the two Fantastic Four movies from a few years ago and the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie. I don’t know if anyone else cared, but I found it interesting to look back at them. Anyway, I found similar notes re the 3rd and 4th X-Men movies — nothing on the first two — and figured I’d edit those into blogposts, too.

First, though, I want to note that, yes, I realize many X-Men fans despise this movie. But, while I was somewhat disappointed in it (as I am with all comic-based movies to some degree), this will be a slam-less post.


X-Men: The Last Stand



1) More mutants
2) Beast looked & fought great! (“Oh my stars and garters!”)
3) Iceman iced up (and overpowered Pyro)
4) Kitty Pryde! (used her powers AND her smarts)
5) Colossus! (reminded me of the T-1000, but still looked good)
6) Multiple Man! (even if he was “bad”; great scene for showcasing his mutant power, though)
7) Psylocke! (even if she was “bad”)
8) Danger Room!
9) Juggernaut looked & “fought” great! (Fastball special!)
— In retrospect, he wasn’t that great, and Vinnie Jones doesn’t look like the character at all….
10) Angel!
11) Homage to Phoenix storyline in comics, including Wolverine’s killing her


1) Killed Scott Summers
2) “Killed” Charles Xavier
3) Characters from the comics whose look and/or powers are changed dramatically
— Callisto (too pretty, no eyepatch, tattoos, superspeed?, mutant-detector sense?)
— Arclight (too masculine, no silver costume, different powers (I think))
— Jean Grey (i.e., TK powers not supposed to be electromagnetic-based; and, if they are, why weren’t they affected like Magneto’s were?)
4) Several characters did not get enough scenes to demonstrate them (and their powers) in action (e.g., Colossus, Psylocke, Angel)
5) Pyro as Magneto’s chief lieutenant. I mean, he’s passionate and anxious to please, but he seems a bit young, and what skills does he have to make him a good choice (other than being loyal, self-confident, and liking to order people around)? Plus, the character is supposed to be Australian!
6) Juggernaut should have been BIGGER (e.g., Nathan Jones or some other wrestler/bodybuilder)

Scenes that first seemed stupid but then made sense:

1) ripping up G.G. bridge and using it to reach Alcatraz isle

At first, it seemed unnecessary, since either Magneto or Jean could easily levitate the whole group over (or under) the water. Perhaps he thought such a display of power would scare the security forces? Then, I realized that having all those metallic vehicles available as ammo made perfect sense, and the people could have been used as hostages, I suppose. I still think it would have made more sense for Magneto et al. to try for the element of surprise, but other encounters (in all 3 movies) do indicate that he prefers a dramatic flare.

2) that “Fastball Special” right at Magneto

Although they are my favorites, I always thought that Wolverine and Colossus should stay at home (or, at least, at a distance) when the X-Men go to fight Magneto. Their bodies are largely metallic, making them especially vulnerable to Magneto, who can easily injure, cripple, or even kill them w/o much effort. When it turned out that this particular effort was merely a distraction for Beast to leap in with the “cure”, THEN it made sense. It still seems like they could have distracted him w/o risking their lives any more than they already were.

Problems w/ movie version of X-Men in general:

1) Logan too tall and not muscular enough
2) Ororo not “regal” in bearing; also, why does she have to stop & look up into the sky whenever she manipulates the weather?
3) Famke Jansen just doesn’t look right for Jean Grey
4) Anna Paquin doesn’t look right for Rogue, either; plus, the character is boring!
5) Would have preferred that the school have much fewer students; an expansion could have been a sub-plot for a later movie.
6) Why does Magneto have to be in every movie? That’s like having the Borg be villains in every Star Trek film. Lazy writers/producers!


IF there is an X-Men 4, here are some ideas that I think should be incorporated into it:

1) Prologue: “? Years Ago”, one or more shadowed individuals observing & commenting on the events from X-Men 3 and mention possibly recruiting “that big brute” (i.e., Juggernaut) and a couple others
2) Bring back: Beast, Colossus, Kitty, Angel, Iceman, and (of course) Wolverine
3) Storm’s extended absence explained by her traveling, either as the new headmistress visiting potential students or simply taking a “sabbatical”
4) Colossus vs. Juggernaut!
5) Introduce Hellfire Club and its Inner Circle (e.g., Colin Firth as Sebastian Shaw, Sarah Wynter as Emma Frost, Richard Griffiths as Harry Leland), who were the shadowed individuals from the prologue; perhaps have an homage to Uncanny X-men #116-118?
6) Psylocke comes knocking (literally) on X-Men’s door, looking to atone for helping Magneto and perhaps asking for aid; perhaps they discover she was mentally manipulated by Emma Frost?
7) Involve Trask and the Sentinels? or, delay until next movie?
8) Introduce news correspondent Trish Tilby as romantic interest for Beast
9) Bring back Sabretooth?
10) Epilogue: Reveal that either Magneto or Mystique has their powers back, or Xavier’s “return” in new/borrowed body (set up for next movie?)

Interesting to note that a few of those characters were indeed used in the next couple movies (i.e., Shaw, Frost, & Hellfire Club in First Class; Trask and the Sentinels in Days of Future Past)….

As usual, most of my comments were about the presence, appearance, or characterization of various characters. But, I did have a few plot-point suggestions (especially re a next film). I thought the overall plot of X-Men 3 was just OK, not great. As you can tell from the above, I thought there were many things that could have been tweaked to make it a lot better. But, it had its moments.

As I said, I’ll be posting similar pros/cons on X-Men: First Class next week. I also hope to get around to X-Men: Days of Future Past and will jot down my impressions for that one, too….



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