Return of the Gladiator “Deathmatch”?

“For us it’s about honoring, preserving, and reigniting interest in weapons-based martial arts….”  — UWM co-founder and CEO David Pysden

Just read about this and thought I’d pass it on….

UWM "Lorica"-suited warriors locked in combat

UWM “Lorica”-suited warriors locked in combat

A company in Australia has developed (and is now perfecting) a high-tech suit of body armor that will allow for “next-gen gladiator fighting” between practitioners of weapons-based martial arts. The martial artists will be able to go full out in competitive matches, without worrying about crippling or killing their opponents.

The outer layer of the armor is composed of “impact- and penetrative-resistant materials such as carbon fiber”. The innermost layer is “a bunch of polycarbonate material and elastomeric foam, which is impact absorbent.” Sandwiched in between these two layers are a range of “piezoelectric shock/vibration sensors and accelerometers to measure not only where a fighter lands a hit on his opponent, but also the approximate severity of the blow.” The impact data is instantly “beamed wirelessly to a special ringside computer system that keeps score.”

Unified Weapons Master have also carefully designed the armor to allow for freedom of motion, giving the wearer “the articulation and mobility to fight as you would in unarmed, unarmored combat, but to be able to do that with weapons.”

“Our objective is to promote a new global combat sport with weapons. So the unified in ‘Unified Weapons Master’ is about bringing all the different weapons arts from all around the world together in a single competition.”

Check out this piece on UWM by C/Net. UWM has also put a few brief “preview” vids on YouTube, showing them testing the armor and software.



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