Happy (Belated) 1st Birthday to Us!

Gollum bday wishThat’s right! It has been a whole year since “Heroes and Aliens” debuted. Actually, it has been 13 months — the initial posts (“The Joys of Fan-Casting” and “Fan-Cast: Batman, part 1”) having been published on Feb. 19 & 21, 2014. I meant to post something last month, but I just couldn’t work it into my schedule with other posts and other activities. But, I didn’t want to let it pass without mention, so I’ve included images here with birthday wishes from a few fans….

alien-party-250fNo big changes planned. I’m happy with the look of the site, so I’ll keep this “theme” for awhile. I’ll continue with the weekly (Wed. night) schedule as long as I can, occasionally squeezing in additional posts (like this one). I’ve realized that the subject matter skews to superhero-related stuff, so I’ll try to balance that out a little better with other sci-fi/fantasy and action/adventure stuff. As I’ve said before, I am open to guest posts by others, especially if it’s about something I don’t cover (e.g., gaming, anime/manga, cartoons & animated series). Just leave a comment (preferably on the About page) indicating your interest, and we’ll discuss what you have in mind.

I would love to see a few more comments on the posts from you guys-n-gals. We writers like to “hear” feedback, so we know someone is reading, and hopefully getting something out of, our work. So, the occasional note is really appreciated. (Just be sure to say something that indicates you actually read it. If your comment sounds like generic spam, it’ll get deleted.) Thanks!

predator baked a cakealien xenomorph happy birthday

Big thanks to ALL of my regular (and irregular) readers! As long as you keep reading “Heroes and Aliens”, I’ll keep writing my observations and opinions, fan-casts and fiction, news reports and reviews, nitpicks and favorites, etc. I don’t seem to have the time to promote the blog much, so please let your friends who are into this stuff know about us, too! Deal?

Hulk - bday- Chris

Thanks again, and see ya later…



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