From the Mind of Mr. Zeus, part 2

In case you’re looking for Part 1, that was the post titled “Write What You Know”. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know that I’d be continuing to write more entries, let alone that I would call the series “From the Mind of Mr. Zeus”. As I said in that initial post, I wasn’t sure what format Mr. Zeus’ story would work best as, but I did have a few ideas for posts. Not long afterward, I started working on fleshing out some of those ideas. First, I thought maybe they could be entries in a personal journal. But, that wouldn’t explain why Mr. Zeus seemed to be writing for an audience, rather than just recording events, feelings, observations in his life. Then, it dawned on me that they could be viewed as entries or “reports” for a quarterly newsletter that goes out to subscribers of Mr. Zeus’ official fan club. This also means that, yes, I will indeed be writing new entries every quarter (Jan., Apr., July, Oct.).

“Headaches and Reunions”

Sooooo, what’s going on with you guys? To be honest, not a whole lot has changed for me in the past 3 months. Still leading a pretty sedate life. Still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of it. (My life, that is.) Still trying to figure out what to write my next book about, in the meantime. About the only thing worth mentioning — assuming you’re actually interested in this stuff — is the migraines and bouts of nausea that I’ve been dealing with. Yeah, even we “super-people” can get sick. (Well, most of us, anyway.) I’ve always been a rather “hale and hearty” type for as long as I can remember. Didn’t even get sick much when I was a kid. Naturally strong immune system, I guess. However, ever since the events that gave me my superhuman abilities, I have suffered from occasional (i.e., roughly twice a year) episodes of bad migraine headaches — the kind that make even the manliest of men and super-est of heroes want to curl up and wimper. (Those of you who know what I’m talking about have my sympathy and my respect!)

????????????????????????????????????????????????????Now, as I said, I never used to get these. The first time was shortly after the accident that completed(?) my… let’s call it an “alteration” to my current, superhuman condition. Of course, I consulted with a physician friend, who in turn put me in touch with a neurologist who often consults on cases with superhumans. Unfortunately, all they could tell me was that the headaches were most likely connected to the physical changes to my body, they didn’t have any cures. Once we tried suspending me in a special sensory-deprivation chamber. The lack of external stimulus was somewhat helpful, but it’s not like I have one available whenever and wherever I need it. (I am thinking of getting one installed in my basement, though.) So, I take the usual prescriptions — in extra-large doses for my size and unusual metabolism — and “deal with it”.

The migraines typically last several hours and are quite debilitating. I’ve only had them occur three times during battle, and each time I “lucked out”, or I might not be alive today. The first time was very early in my career as “Mr. Zeus”, and I was having a knock-down/drag-out brawl with some newly-mutated idiot. (Called himself Rude Dude, or Dude Rude, or something like that.) When the migraine hit me, I dropped to my knees, and my opponent thought it was because he’d stunned me. He was just about to piledrive me with a tanker full of gasoline, when The G-Men showed up. I don’t even know what happened next, because Gravitus rushed me to a hospital, while the rest of the team fought and eventually captured ol’ “Rudey”.

The second time was while I was working with the UN-approved group Vanguard Prime and a few other heroes helping NATO Forces fight off a small alien invasion in Eastern Europe. I’d worked with Vanguard Prime off-and-on for awhile and confided in them, so most of the heroes were already aware of my migraine problem. When it hit me, Teke (another hero from the U.S. contingent) noticed and ported me well out of the battlezone. Fortunately, as I was told later that evening, BrightFire returned from an extra-dimensional mission a couple hours later and helped repel the invasion. (She is a wonder to behold in action!)

The third time was about a year after that. I had just witnessed Psychotron execute a family of four, and I “lost it”. I pummeled him/it senseless and probably would have killed/destroyed him/it if his arch-enemy Mysterion hadn’t shown up at the last minute to pull me off. I then realized that I had a killer migraine (pun intended) and got some meds from some EMTs that showed up at the scene, since the prescription pills I usually keep on my person had been lost in the battle.

My most recent bout hit me out of the blue while I was just running on my treadmill and watching TV. I was about due, so it wasn’t a total surprise. The weird thing was that this time it was accompanied by nausea. That’s never happened before. (Common for other migraine sufferers, but not me.) The assumption has always been that the migraines are a side-effect of my superhuman abilities. But, if so, why am I now getting additional symptoms, when I use those abilities less often and with less intensity? (No, I’m not pregnant!) In any case, it all cleared up after a few hours, as usual. Fortunately, I was safe at home, not fighting anyone, and I didn’t even have a writing deadline or personal appearance or other obligation to be affected by my temporary incapacitation. Thank God for small favors!

Oh! I just thought of something else you guys-n-gals might be interested in….

When I was at the supermarket a few days ago, I had an encounter with my old foe, the criminal mastermind and technological genius known as Dr. Maximus — dubbed “Mini-Max” by the press, much to his chagrin. You probably remember him from various news stories — about 3 1/2 feet tall, dresses sort of techno-goth. After CrimSun’s disappearance, Maximus became my main “arch-villain” for my final couple years on the job. Personally, I think Maximus might be trying to compensate for certain… insecurities. Not that all “little people” are insecure about their size, you understand. My old wrestling partner, Ulti-Mite, certainly isn’t. (Man, I miss him! Really need to look him up….) But, from various things Maximus has said to me and that I overheard him mutter to himself or to others, I think he had a rather unhappy childhood. His father in particular was hard on him, making it clear that he didn’t think Maximus (or, whatever his real name is) would amount to anything. Of course, around high school he finally took this as a challenge, adopting an “I’ll show him! I’ll show them all!” mindset, excelling in math and the sciences. Whatever happened after that, well,… it eventually led him to a life of crime. Not good. I’ve tried to reason with him, but what he really needs is the love of a good woman to boost his ego, calm his inner turmoil, maybe talk some sense into him.

Maximus' ride looked almost, sorta like this, but very different (except for the tinted windows)

Maximus’ ride looked almost, sorta like this, but very different (except for the tinted windows)

Listen to me, sounding like a two-bit psycho-analyst! Anyway, the aforementioned “encounter” occurred when Maximus was fleeing from the cops after stealing… something. Jewels? I’m not even sure what. The souped-up, tricked-out vehicle he was driving crashed into some cars in the parking lot, and I went out to see what the commotion was. Naturally, I recognized Maximus’ designs right away, even though I’d never seen that particular vehicle and Maximus himself was safely hidden within behind tinted windows. When I heard the cops on the way, I decided to lend a hand.

While I still had the element of surprise, I used a couple light posts to disable Maximus’ vehicle, busted my way in — he clearly wasn’t expecting anyone of my power level way out here — and knocked him out. The only thing he had a chance to say before I smacked his head against the dash was “Oh, sh…!” In that split second, I wonder if he recognized who I was. (It has been over two years since we last laid eyes on each other, after all, and I wasn’t in costume this time.) I’m just glad he wasn’t accompanied by one of his robot armies, nor did he have time to initiate some sort of electronic and/or computer-based havoc, as he often does. That can get messy. I stripped Maximus of his gear before the cops got there and cuffed him. Then I waited around until the already-notified retrieval guys from Stratford Supermax Penitentiary flew in to pick Maximus up, along with his vehicle and gear. Poor guy was still out cold, too!

Speaking of needing a good woman,… I could definitely use some female companionship myself. I haven’t had a serious girlfriend since Debbie and I parted ways shortly after I switched from wrestling to crimefighting. (You might remember her from old photos of us together or video of her cheering for me from ringside.) The break-up was by mutual consent and respect, since we both felt my new profession would put her in danger. The odd hours made for a difficult relationship, too, and I couldn’t always be there for her. Once during my crimefighting years, I did try dating someone again — a lawyer I’d met on a case. But, it didn’t work out (for a number of reasons), which was probably for the better. Now that I’m no longer in that business, though, I have no excuses for not getting back in the saddle. Not looking for casual romance, you understand, but someone important to share my life with and even consider marriage.

Ah, but you don’t want to hear me moan about my non-existent love life. So, I’ll sign off.

Stay strong, y’all!

As you can see, I’m trying to maintain an informal, even friendly tone. In my mind, Mr. Zeus enjoys connecting on a personal level with his fans. So, he will be giving them insights into his life before, during, and after being a superhero. Hopefully, the creative juices will keep flowing and I can come up with some fun stuff. Keep readin’!

* All ideas copyright Christopher Harris, 2013-2015.


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