What to Make of the New Muslim Superhero on the Block

In late 2013, I heard about a then-upcoming comic series starring a young Muslim. Given what many Muslims are up to on the world stage these days, my instinctive aversion to political-correctness and multiculturalism (in certain forms, anyway) caused my Spidey-sense to tingle a bit. But, I did some more reading… and thinking… and writing… and I published a post about it over at “A View from the Right”. Here’s how it starts:


Ms Marvel

Ms. Marvel

A Facebook friend of mine posted an article announcing Marvel Comics’ new “Muslim Girl Superhero”, which will debut in January 2014. His accompanying comment was “Explain this:”. (Not sure what there is to explain, really.) I only saw a couple of responses, and they were generally negative. Not hostile, but perhaps dubious/suspicious and pessimistic. My reflex was to retort with something similar, but as I thought about it some more, I decided it was worth a little more research before forming any opinions. So, I checked out a few more articles beyond the primary one (from the New York Times), including by Reuters, Salon, Marvel, and Al Jazeera. They were all fairly brief and mostly all the same stuff, but I was able to glean a few more facts and a couple good quotes.

The character is the brainchild of two Marvel editors, Sana Amanat (who grew up Muslim and whose experiences inspired the idea) and Steve Wacker, and the writer they brought onto the project, Muslim-convert G. Willow Wilson. Pakistani-American teenager Kamala Khan is a huge fan of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel (formerly Warbird, formerly Binary, formerly Ms. Marvel). So, when Kamala develops powers of her own, she pays homage to her favorite superhero by calling herself the new “Ms. Marvel” and donning a crimefighting costume reminiscent of Danvers’.

Of course, Kamala looks somewhat different than most costumed heroes….


To read the rest of the post, follow this link. It includes several quotes from the creators, plus an update that I added to the end of the post just a couple days ago. Hope ya like it…



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