Meta Questions

As much as I am enjoying the current crop of comics-based, live-action, prime-time series, sometimes I just have to point out (potential) plot holes or other unanswered (yet somewhat important) questions. So, here are a few I’ve been pondering of late….


Gotham:  Det. James Gordon has been gaining popularity (with some big collars) and power (with his recent rise to union rep) in the Gotham City PD, including gaining knowledge of corruption among city officials and occasionally being a thorn in their collective side. This has included current Police Commissioner Loeb, who tried indirectly to get Gordon killed or to quit the force, when he pointed him toward the “Ogre” case. So, I wonder, if Gordon is such a threat to the status quo, why hasn’t Loeb and/or other corrupt officials made more of a concerted effort to eliminate him? Even the mob bosses have been “patient” with Gordon. (Though, from a couple brief conversations, we know that Falcone and Gordon have a mutual, grudging respect for one another and their parts in staving off more bloodshed and/or anarchy in the streets of Gotham. Falcone also had a friendship of some sort with Gordon’s father once upon a time, which also affects his relationship with our hero.) It just seems like Gordon’s bold, sometimes reckless, efforts to clean up Gotham — and he’s just getting started — should have put him directly in the crosshairs of more Gothamite baddies by now.

Door to meta-prison

Door to meta-prison in “The Flash”

Flash:  How is the work at Star Labs (Central City) financed? My guess is that the facility was initially built & financed with the backing of a combination of private investors and the U.S. Dept. of Defense (as evidenced my Gen. Eiling’s involvement in the Grodd project and maybe others), which also would have covered the salaries of the employees. (If something like this was mentioned in the show, then I missed it.) I initially assumed that, after the disaster that partially destroyed the facility, it was decommissioned and Wells et al. were essentially “squatting”. But, that didn’t make sense, especially since the police knew about them working there. So, I’m thinking that Wells is still under contract to do research at the facility, despite being blamed for the whole fiasco. His team seems to be the only one working there now, too.

Wells has pretty nice digs, so I’m assuming he is/was either very well-compensated or he (i.e., the real Wells) was wealthy. (Maybe he developed and sold some sort of tech prior to working for Star Labs?) Even so, and I have mentioned this before, who is paying for the construction and maintenance of the “meta-prison” within the defunct particle accelerator? (For that matter, who feeds, monitors, and cares for the prisoners? Is there plumbing in the cells?) With Wells now revealed as Thawne to the rest of the team, I am also wondering who pays their salaries? If Dr. Wells is in control of that, then why don’t the others seem worried about having no income now, assuming Wells/Thawne cuts them off? [Note: I haven’t watched the final 2 episodes of the season, yet, so forgive me if any of this is addressed in them.]

Arrow:  This one is similar to my “Flash” question, but I’ll keep it shorter. How can Thea and Oliver afford such a modern and spacious loft? Didn’t they lose all of their family fortune? (And where did Ollie crash after they lost the company/money and before his sister asked him to move in with her?) Is someone still running the club? Who pays Diggle’s salary? How did they afford new weapons and other equipment in the “Arrow Cave” after losing Queen-family funding? Is there a trust fund that I’m forgetting about?

Supergirl:  This is the issue that actually inspired this post. Yeah, I know the show won’t even debut until November, but the extended trailer was released the other day, and I noticed something that’s been bugging me. (OK, there was more than one thing, but I generally liked what I saw/heard.) We know that Kara and Kal left for Earth at roughly the same time, shortly before Krypton exploded. Somehow, baby Kal arrives years before tween/teen-age Kara does, with neither having aged appreciably during their respective journeys. The show seems to remain faithful to these “origins” facts, as seen when an adult Superman delivers Kara to her foster-parents, the Danverses.

I can accept that Kara’s ship was somehow delayed and that both she and baby Kal were “preserved” by the systems on their ships. That’s not my question. But, here’s the problem… As the trailer shows young Kal and Kara rocketing off, Kara’s voiceover says “Twenty-four years ago, my planet was in peril…” If Kara is roughly 12-14 Earth years old at the time of her journey to Earth, she should now be in her mid- to late-30s. Yet, we also know (from series descriptions and from casting of Melissa Benoist) that Kara is supposed to be in her mid-20s. If the “twenty-four years ago” statement had been made by tween/teen Kara shortly after she arrived on Earth, that would make sense. That would also make Kal/Superman roughly 24 at the time and in his mid- to late-30s “now”. But, if it’s a 20-something Kara doing the voiceover, the number of years should be larger (e.g., “Thirty-four years ago…”).

On a side note, at what point does the aging/maturing process slow to a crawl for Kryptonians under a yellow sun? It’s gotta be well after puberty, else Kal and Kara would both still look like kids in their early- to mid-teens for quite awhile. Just wonderin’….

Can anybody help me out, here?

Meantime, in case you haven’t already seen it, click here for the fan-made, condensed version of the Supergirl “first look” trailer (as well as the full, 6 1/2 minute original). Great work!



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