Brief Notes on *Revenge of the Sith*

In my “Political Machinations in *Attack of the Clones*” post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had a few comments & observations on Revenge of the Sith, too. Since I just got back from vacation and needed to put something together quickly, I’ll go ahead and serve ’em up for your consideration….


Revenge of the Sith - movie poster1) Overall quite good.

2) Excellent special/visual FX, as usual.

3) Palpatine’s voice was inconsistent and, at times, the acting was overdramatic.

4) Palpatine dispensed with the three Jedi masters who came to arrest him with Mace Windu too easily. (I know what you’re thinking. “All too easy…”)

5) Yoda was very cool, again, and looked better than ever.

6) Still not sure I care for Christensen’s playing of Anakin. Some of it is that he doesn’t quite look the part (in my mind, at least), and some of it is the writing and dialogue. But, I did like the intensity of his fighting, especially on the volcano planet. Very intense, brutal and… “force”ful. (Not quite the word I was looking for, but it’ll do.)

7) The scenes following the climactic fights seemed like one long epilogue — kind of like at the end of Peter Jackson’s Return of the King. But, on the other hand, they were needed.

8) I liked seeing one of the older “younglings” kickin’ some butt (and saving Senator Organa) before he went down. I think that was Lucas’s son, who we saw in the Jedi archives library in AotC.

9) I understand the need to lighten the mood a little with some one-liners and such — e.g., a droid saying “Uh-oh!” or something like that. But, there was one joke that I thought was just too much. Can’t remember what it was, at the moment.

10) Seems odd that none of the Jedi knew Padme was carrying twins. “Preoccupied, they were,” you say, hm? Well, perhaps Obi-wan and Yoda were during their short times with Padme. But, Anakin was at least able to spend his off hours with her when he was home. Why didn’t he sense that she had two life-forces (or whatever) within her?

11) At first, I couldn’t figure out why General Grievous was coughing, since he appeared to be a droid. Perhaps it was just an affectation? (He looked like he was hunched over. I swear I saw him wringing his hands once or twice, too. The only thing missing was a handle-bar mustache for him to twirl.) Then I noticed that his eyes were organic; then a closeup showed that more of his face (at least around the eyes) was organic. Then, of course, we saw some internal organs — not very well protected, it would seem –, so then the cough made more sense.

12) I guess we are supposed to assume that Mace Windu fell to his death. But, I think it is very possible that he survived. Maybe he will show up in a new novel or comic or even one of the new TV series that Lucas is developing….

Any of you make similar observations or have similar questions? Can anyone familiar with the EU novels, comics, and animated series tell me if Windu resurfaced?

Alright, I’m callin’ it a night. See ya next week!



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