What I’ve Been Watching

As my regular readers know, I watch a lot of genre TV (and movies) — probably more than I should. In fact, I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to keep up, what with all the new stuff coming out, while I try to stay on top of the older series that I enjoy. (Plus, of course, I do have other interests and activities, believe it or not.) But, I wanted to take a few minutes to comment briefly on four of the new shows. Maybe you’ll have a few comments of your own to add….

Humans-2015Humans: This was a BBC series that aired last summer, but I only recently got around to watching it. Fortunately, it was only 8 episodes long, so I squeezed them in while other series were on hiatus. The premise is “What would happen to society if human-looking robots were available to fulfill many personal and professional functions? Now, what if a few of them learned to feel and think for themselves?” The show seemed to drag a bit in places, though it picked up in the last 3 episodes. Overall, I guess it wasn’t my cup of tea. (That was a Brit joke. Sort of.) But, it did raise interesting questions of ethics, trust, family, what it means to be human, what makes us human, etc. If it returns, I’ll consider watching it again, but I won’t be in any hurry.

Killjoys posterKilljoys: As I write this, I only have the last (of ten) episodes left to watch. I have to say, it is better than I anticipated. The three central characters — of which, I am only familiar with one actor — are essentially bounty hunters, but they live and work within a particular planetary system dominated by “The Company”, which is in turn ruled by an elite few noble families. It is an intriguing “environment”, but equally so are the cast of characters. There is a good mix of drama and action, with dashes of humor and romance (sort of). The characters are more complex than they seem at first, and their relationships get only more complicated as the show progresses. In short, I’m enjoying it, and I’m glad they’ll be back for a 2nd season.

heroesrb_firstlook_wcastHeroes Reborn: I have only watched the first two episodes, and I’m not thrilled. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an OK return. It’s great to see a few old faces, and a few of the new ones are familiar from other shows (e.g., Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Eve Harlow). We have only been introduced to a few people, so far, with some exposition to let us know some of what has happened in the world since those with superpowers were exposed. But, while curious about how things may develop and about a couple characters in particular (e.g., is Claire really dead?), I can’t get very excited. Well, there are 11 more episodes left to improve on my initial assessment, and I’m sure I’ll watch them all. Here’s hopin’…

blindspot-izleBlindspot: The lovely Jaimie Alexander (“Kyle XY”, Thor) plays a mystery woman with amnesia and tattoos all over her body. The tattoos lead to (potential) prevention of crimes and acts of terrorism, and Sullivan Stapleton (“Strike Back”) is the FBI agent assigned to her case. It is an intriguing premise and I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes, so far. But, I’m wondering why they already started revealing some of her past, including a couple of very interesting “twists”. I think if I were producing/writing it, I would have stretched out the mystery a bit longer. (They were probably trying to hook people as quickly as possible, in hopes of preventing cancellation. It worked, since they’ve been renewed for a second season.) Let’s hope there are many more levels of plot development and additional twists to keep us engaged. I’m also glad Stapleton and (especially) Alexander are being given opportunities to show more acting range than in their previous shows.

Are you watching any of these? Feel free to post comments about your impressions, love ’em or hate ’em or something in between. Also, if you want to recommend other new genre shows, please do. (I have a list of others to get to… eventually.)


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