Little Tommy

Not sure when I came up with it, but this here’s another idea for an action/adventure-type character with a twist. Could work for a comic, I suppose, but I’m thinking more along the lines of a novel and/or TV series. I think a good mix of seriousness and humor would work. Casting might be difficult for the central character, though….

“Little Tommy”

Tommy Moynahan is a 40-year-old Iraq War veteran and military intelligence operative who left the intelligence community three years ago to become a high-priced, private security specialist and sometime investigator. His clients have included Hollywood and sports celebrities, rich CEOs, and politicians, as well as insurance companies, attorneys, and other firms who suspected their competitors of unlawful activities. He smokes & drinks a little too much, and he’s not very good at personal relationships, but he’s good at his chosen profession and has a pretty good reputation. Unfortunately, his curiosity and stubbornness occasionally get him into a tad bit of trouble.

12-year-old Leo DiCaprio smokingOne night, while snooping around an abandoned(?) research lab facility owned by a client, he is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he wakes up in the lab sometime later, he discovers that his body has been “de-aged” to that of a 12-year old, though his mind and memories did not seem to be tampered with. The lab has been ransacked and most of the equipment destroyed. His client insists he knows nothing of who may have attacked & changed Tommy, nor how it may have been done. (Is he telling the truth or hiding something?)

With the help of his assistant (Angie Piper) and an old friend from the military (Frank Szimeski), Tommy must now 1) figure out what was done to him and hopefully find a way to reverse the procedure; and 2) figure out how to keep his business going when his physical skills/abilities have been greatly reduced, not to mention his ability to interact credibly with adults. Plus, how does he explain those tattoos on his arms? He decides to keep his physical condition a secret from most of his clients and contacts, keeping out of sight most of the time, working through intermediaries, occasionally employing a body-double, using a special modulator to mimic his adult voice on the phone, etc. In short (no pun intended), he must be VERY creative.

And then there are the personal issues — like no booze or cigarettes (at least, not in public) or women — and it’s making him cranky. Just as well, though, ‘cuz these vices were increasingly becoming the cause of many personal issues, which crossed over into his professional behavior. (Really misses driving his vintage Trans-Am, too.) Still, this whole situation (i.e., his life) can be a bit overwhelming, and he could really use a drink… or a smoke… or both.

Though I do not encourage any of the above-mentioned vices, this would not be a “politically correct” series.

(Note:  Twelve-year-old Leo DiCaprio in the above pic has the sort of weary and/or nonplussed expression I’d imagine a frustrated 40-year-old trapped in a 12-year-old body might have. Possible caption: “Are you serious?”)

* All ideas copyright Christopher Harris, 2013-2016.



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