The Future Is Here

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry…”  — adapted from “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns

I’ll be honest… I didn’t allow enough time to get my planned post done this week. (Hopefully, next week.) But, fortunately, I had a backup for just such an occasion, which I think you will like.

As my long-time readers know, while my blogging here is primarily about fiction, I have written 2 or 3 times about real-life stuff — basically, science/technology — that I thought you would be interested in. There is usually a sci-fi/fantasy or superspy connection. Weeks ago, on my other blog, I posted a few short videos about some tech advances from the past year or two that I had recently become aware of. The first one is this “Spidercar”…

If you thought that was cool — or, at least, you are curious about things like “personal flying robots” and “virtual 3D teleportation” (aka “holoportation”) — then follow this link and check out the rest of the vids. Enjoy!



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