A Wonder to Behold

Time for a Tuesday Bonus Post!

Some time ago, I saw this video short by Rainfall Films and thought, “That’s what Wonder Woman should look like!” Tall(ish), beautiful, confident, and somewhat muscular. (Could stand to have a little more meat on her, though.) The fighting moves were pretty good, too. Originally, I thought the actress was stuntwoman Monique Ganderton (5’10.5″,b.1980), but it turns out she was Rileah Vanderbilt (5’7.5″,b.1979). She looks taller than that!

More recently, though, I saw a couple more short videos that really showed what a bad@$$ warrior Wonder Woman can be. One of them, of course, was the trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, starring Gal Gadot. There are some great scenes of her in battle-action, which gives me hope that the film will do the character justice.

The other one was “footage” from the Injustice 2 game trailer. I’m not a gamer, so forgive me if this stuff is new to me, but… THAT was awesome! Simply put, the “brutal grace” of an Amazon warrior. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out!

Stay tuned for your regularly-scheduled, Wednesday night post tomorrow….



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