Happy 50th Anniversary, Star Trek!


Fifty years ago today (9/8/1966), the pilot episode of Star Trek (“The Man Trap”) — technically, it was the second pilot — aired in primetime. It began an incredible legacy spanning well past the initial 3-year run — including several spinoff series and movies — that has inspired, encouraged, and spread joy to millions of fans! (And don’t get me started on all of the Trek-related merchandise…) Truly an amazing phenomenon!


Thank you to Gene Roddenberry and all of the writers, producers, directors, cast and crew over the decades — not to mention the studio execs who took some bold chances — for providing us with a myriad of fantastic characters, alien races, planets, starships, future tech, and the storylines in which they play. You continue to challenge and delight us.

Here’s to 50 more!!




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