Throwback Wednesday: B5, Star Trek, & Star Wars

Given that I ran out of time to write a “normal” post this week, I got the idea for this one from the “Throwback Thursday (TBT)” posts you sometimes see people do on Facebook. But, I’m gonna give you 3-in-1. (I actually do a “Top 10” every December on my other blog, but I’ll keep this one more manageable.)

You may have noticed that I have grouped certain kinds of posts onto dedicated pages (with links), which I have linked to below the main blog image above. But, there are many that don’t fit any of those categories. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight three of my personal favorites, with excerpts of text from each post. You may notice something they have in common: each one presents several ideas for rebooting or continuing a major sci-fi franchise. If you missed them the first time around, or just don’t remember reading them, I hope you enjoy these posts (again?).

“On Reviving Babylon 5”

Babylon 5 station + logo“The “Babylon 5” series (1994-1998) is generally acknowledged as one of the best science fiction shows in TV history, and it’s certainly one of my all-time favorites…. Recently, I discovered that JMS is considering a reboot of “Babylon 5”. A reboot?! Don’t do it, Joe! … I’m a little leery about returning to the B5 universe, even by its creator, given the lackluster attempts made shortly after the original series went off the air…. But, given the right concept and talent involved, it could be another hit. With this in mind….”

“Multiphasic Trek Update, part 2: TV Trekkin’ for a New Generation”

star_trek_logo_20090511_750w“Ever since “Enterprise” (and maybe before), Star Trek fans have been hoping, wishing, and praying for a new Star Trek series to be produced by a major network…. Now, in case you somehow haven’t heard, a new show has finally been approved by the powers-that-be and scheduled to debut in January 2017…. Unfortunately, we have practically no details, even on what direction they may go with it, so there is plenty of speculation and wishing…. I have come up with a few ideas of my own for the upcoming series (though others may have had them, too, I suppose), spanning different eras….”

“Ideas for Star Wars Anthology Series Films”

star-wars-logo-art“Since we all — well, not ALL, but a LOT of us — are psyched for the upcoming Star Wars movies and speculating about what they might be about, I figured I’d throw out a few (not entirely original) ideas for the “Anthology Series” films. There is definitely a lot of material to mine for these spin-offs and opportunities for expansion on what fans are already familiar with, since they are “standalone” films that are not directly connected to the new trilogy (i.e., episodes, VII-IX)…. The third film in the Anthology Series has long been rumored to be a Boba Fett origin story…. But, this movie hasn’t been confirmed, as yet. So, here are a few other people/things that could be explored, assuming Disney/Lucasfilm decide to stick to prequels….”

Hope you got a kick out of ’em, and maybe they sparked a few ideas of your own! (Feel free to share below.) ‘Til next week…


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