More Digital Inspiration

About a year-and-a-half ago, I introduced my readers to aspiring sci-fi writer Andre Davis and some of the amazing digital art that inspires his own writing. As Davis says on his “Artists” page,

“As a fan and writer of science fiction, their work stirs my imagination, and makes me long for distant futures and faraway places that exist only in my mind. Unlike authors in other genres, I can’t travel to the locations I write about to do onsite research. Concept art is the closest I’ll ever come to the fantastic, futuristic places I explore in my fiction, and I’m extremely grateful to all the wonderfully talented artists who share their work online.”

This time, I decided to share one painting from each of the artists featured (some with interviews) on that page, plus one from his “Writing Prompts” section. (Lotta cool stuff there, too!) You may recognize some of their work from various games and books. If you are a fan of any of these artists or someone else you think my readers would enjoy, please share in the comments….

"Perilous Shield" by David Demaret

“Perilous Shield” by David Demaret


"Long Way Home" by Christian Hecker

“Long Way Home” by Christian Hecker


"The Devil's Teeth" by Sebastien Hue

“The Devil’s Teeth” by Sebastien Hue


"Roofers of 2071" by Roman Ignatowski

“Roofers of 2071” by Roman Ignatowski


"Fort 23" by Jong Won Park

“Fort 23” by Jong Won Park


"The Ore Traders" by Pat Presley

“The Ore Traders” by Pat Presley


"Vikings in Space" by Leon Tukker

“Vikings in Space” by Leon Tukker


"Homecoming" by Marek Okon

“Homecoming” by Marek Okon

Pretty spectacular, eh?



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