Star Trek Ship and Crew Idea: USS Providence

Regular readers may remember a post I did last September, where I shared some ideas I had not only for the casts of TNG, DS9, and Voyager, but I also threw in a movie plot. In addition to familiar characters, it involved new crew members on two ships — USS Titan and USS Destiny. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that over the years I’ve also come up with ideas for other ships and crews. Of course, lots of fans do this, especially those who write fan-fiction or, more often, play Star Trek Online and other games. But, I don’t do either, so this is my only outlet for such ideas. So…

This week, I decided to share the ship/crew that I’ve developed the most. As before, the timeframe is the Earth year 2380s….

USS Providence
— Note: I originally envisioned this as a Nebula-class ship. But, I eventually realized that a ship of that size probably wouldn’t have room for anything like Ten Forward. So, if I wanted to keep my bartender, Farlin, I needed a bigger ship. I decided to go with something familiar, the Galaxy-class, which we know has the requisite recreational lounge area. It is also typically used for primarily exploratory & diplomatic missions, while still having in impressive array of offensive and defensive weaponry. Perfect.

Captain Nicodemus ‘Nico’ Chavez (Human male)
— of Spanish descent; 6′, 175 lbs, 41 std years
— married (w/o children), but his wife Michonne is a botanist assigned to the scientific research vessel USS Linnaeus
— very no-nonsense style while on-duty, but likes to play games & sports and joke around when off-duty
— comes from long line of Starfleet officers, of which he is quite proud
— this is his 4th ship assignment, 2nd as Captain (1st captaincy was on the Miranda-class USS Farrell, a scientific research vessel, on which his wife was also assigned; prior to that, they met and were married at the Ghellmer Science Institute on Betazed, where he was Chief of Security)

First/Executive Officer, Commander Venda ke’Prell (Orion female)
— 5’9.5″, 140 lbs, 32 std years
— escaped slavery at 17 (killing her brutal owner, though she rarely talks of this), worked odd jobs for 3 years and educated herself, applied/accepted to Starfleet Academy
— excelled in Communications and earned Sato-Uhura Award for Excellence as Lt. j.g. while assigned to DS6
— occasionally has nightmares & flashbacks about her youth as a slave which can be quite unnerving, but she is otherwise normal, somewhat reserved but well-liked among officers & crew
— this is her 3rd ship assignment but 1st as Commander & F.O.

Science Officer, Lt. Thaksin Chiang (Human male)
— of Thai descent; 5’9″, 160 lbs, 28 std years
— son of Federation Ambassadors Nahkon & Mei-Lo Chiang
— mathematical prodigy who also expertly plays 8 musical instruments, including Vulcan harp
— has a somewhat sarcastic tongue, though never nasty
— good friends w/ Farlin and Chag, and collectively they are referred to by others as the “Three Musketeers”

Chief Medical Officer, (Lt. Commander) Dr. Bazil Tamm (Trill male)
— 5’11”, 170 lbs
— Bazil is 35 std years old and 4th host to symbiont Tamm, who is 200+ std years (exact same birthday as Counselor Shellen)
— has been good friends with Shellen for half Tamm’s life
— very calming and compassionate demeanor
— specializes in epidemiology and gene research

Chief of Security/Tactical Officer, Lt. Commander Tresh (Andorian male)
— 6’1″, 170 lbs, 45 std years
— slim but strong, quick, and a master of several hand-weapons & martial arts; in fact, only Gralk has ever beat him in a match, but not often
— strict w/ his subordinates, but not harsh; normally cool-tempered
— enjoys 20th century Earth vids

Ship’s Counselor, Lt. Commander Val Shellen (El-Aurian male)
— 5’10”, 170 lbs, 200+ std years old (but looks 40-ish)
— exact same birthday as the Tamm symbiont, whom he has been good friends with for half their lives
— widowed and has one adult child, with whom he is estranged
— feels guilty over the circumstances of his wife’s death (he was among those rescued from the SS Lakul by the Enterprise-B in 2293, but she died there)
— used to run a private medical practice on Auria Prime before the planet’s destruction by the Borg, then spent a few decades as a professor and researcher before joining Starfleet in 2368 (i.e., roughly 12 years prior to being assigned to the Providence)

Communications Officer, Lt. Sithik Nerriss (Hrithi male)
— 6’2″, 195 lbs, 22 std years
— his race is reptilian humanoid, with leathery, dark-greenish skin; 4ft, tapering tail; slitted eyes w/ nictitating membrane; superhuman strength, reflexes, & sense of smell
— member of noble family on Hrith and first to serve offworld
— tries to downplay his family’s status on their homeworld and sometimes overcompensates in friendliness, agreeableness, & eagerness to please superiors
— picks up knowledge & skills quickly and was recommended for the position by Lt. Com. Tresh, with whom he had worked on Deep Space 11 during his first assignment (as an ensign)
— Note: Hrithi mature faster than most humanoid species, and he graduated Starfleet Academy at 18 std years

Chief Engineer, Lt. Chag (Ferengi male)
— 5’2.5″, 150 lbs, 43 std years
— joined Starfleet at age 35, for reasons yet to be revealed; previously served on Ferengi transports and marauders
— very resourceful, reminiscent of Rom
— often pretends to be more annoyed/irritable than he really is
— has an unusual fondness for “hoo-mons”, and his personal hero is Montgomery Scott
— is an amateur historian of advances in physics & engineering on various worlds
— Farlin and Chiang keep trying to get him to take up a musical instrument, but he doesn’t have the patience for it

Astrogator, Lt. Sandra Whitestone (Human female)
— of British descent; 5’8″, 135 lbs, 27 std years
— quite attractive but rather “bookish”, hard to get to know, and uncomfortable in social situations
— has a twin brother who teaches Earth Literature at a major university on Alpha Centauri IV
— in addition to scientific journals and technical papers, she reads fiction voraciously and is particularly fond of Earth’s 18th & 19th century romantic novels (which her brother teases her about incessantly but good-naturedly)

Helmsman, Lt. Ramon Calabrese (Human male)
— of Italian descent (1/8 Sicilian); 6’3″, 175 lbs, 29 std years
— a stereotypical Latin “ladies’ man”, very charming and romantic but somewhat shallow
— alternately teases and flirts with Lt. Whitestone, who never responds to his advances
— very talented pilot, despite his somewhat cavalier manner
— quite the “card shark”

Transporter Chief, Lt. j.g. Sana Shrinivisthani (Human female)
— of Pakistani/British descent; 5’4″, 125 lbs, 26 std years
— comes from a well-to-do family on Alpha Centauri IV (her mother is the Federation ambassador and her father a wealthy shipping tycoon) and was rather spoiled before being sent against her will to Starfleet Academy
— her favorite rotation was in astro-cartography, and she spends a lot of free time studying the charts and talking with those currently assigned to the A-C lab

Chief Recreational Officer (civilian or non-com?), Gralk (Klingon male)
— 6’8″, 320 lbs, 37 std years
— NOT surly, belligerent, or condescending to non-Klingons
— enjoys studying other cultures, especially their games, sports, & martial arts
— muscular and skilled in martial arts, but often relies too much on his size in combat
— a quick wit, deep voice, and hearty laugh
— certainly not your typical Klingon, but a person of great honor & integrity nonetheless

Bartender (civilian), Farlin (Bolian male)
— 5’7″, 350+ lbs, 43 std years
— uses antigrav mobile-chair to get around and hand-extensions to reach things
— quite jovial & optimistic, despite his physical hardship
— has a degree in music, plays several instruments, tutors children part-time, and enjoys discovering new musical styles/traditions from different worlds


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