Hey! Welcome to the show… er, blog, “Heroes and Aliens”. I’m Chris — aka Sirrahc.

Quad-tych of Batman, Mt. T, Spock, and Chewbacca

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I’ve been blogging for a few years at “A View from the Right” on Politics, Science, and Religion. It’s a love/hate kinda thing. But, I get a lot of personal satisfaction from it, because they are subjects I am passionate about, and it helps me practice my writing skills (such as they are). I have other interests, too, of course, and they pretty much fall under the heading(s): Sci-fi/Fantasy and Action/Adventure.

Not long ago, I was watching some show on TV — can’t remember which one, but it was probably either something about cops, federal agents, costumed crimefighters, science fiction, or some combination thereof — and paused to look up one of the actors on IMDB, because I thought he might be good for some role in a superhero movie. (In fact, I do that a lot!) So, then I asked myself, “Why aren’t I blogging about this stuff?!”

I have been a huge fan of these genres for most of my 40+ years. I remember watching the original Star Trek when I was really small. (HUGE fan! Followed all of the movies and later series, too.) I know I was an avid comic reader/collector by the age of 8 — superheroes, mostly — and have been ever since. (BIG time! Although, I had to sell my sizable collection before moving to Florida, and I don’t collect anything at the moment.) The original Batman series from the ’60s, Six Million Dollar Man, Knight Rider, A-Team, Star Wars, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, James Bond (eventually), monster movies, kung-fu flicks, Battlestar Galactica (all three series), C.S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles and the Space Trilogy (well, most of ’em), Rocky, Rambo, The Terminator, Alien(s), The Matrix, Die Hard, X-Files, Fringe, Jason Bourne, Lost, 24, etc. I love(d) them all!

Well, OK, maybe not ALL — e.g., I never did get into Dr. Who or Blake’s 7 or Power Rangers or TMNT –, but a LOT! Nowadays, my interests range from Almost Human to Arrow to Harry Potter (books & movies) to Jack Reacher (the novels, not the Cruise movie). Whether the format is TV, movies, comics, books, even some cartoons, whatever, I was and am “into it”. (Wait,… I take that back. I never had the time/money/patience to get into computer gaming. Sorry, gamer dudes! No anime/manga, either.)

Yes, I have to confess — no, I profess it proudly — I’m a pop culture geek. (If you’re reading this, you can probably relate, right?)

But, other than chatting with the occasional, like-minded friend or acquaintance, I’ve never really had an outlet for some of my ideas and commentary. So,… that brings me to this here blog. Originally, I planned to post this stuff on my other blog, and I announced those plans to my readership. (I know that at least a few of my Facebook friends and readers enjoy a lot of the same things.) But, the response was sort of lackluster. Then, I got thinking that it probably was not a good idea to “interrupt” the normal theme(s) of my main blog with totally irrelevant, entertainment-oriented fare. So,… a new blog was born. And, thus endeth the origin story of “Heroes and Aliens”.

Battle-worn Rambo gives thumbs upWhat can you expect to see here? Well,… some possibilities include comments on upcoming movies, reviews of movies that are out, ideas about how to improve current movies/franchises, fan-casting for movies/TV made from other source material or for reboots, original ideas for comics/books/movies, my feeble attempts at writing fiction, etc. There will be a minimum of deep philosophizin’ or “serious” socio-political commentary. (Though, if I do write something like that, I will probably put it up at “A View from the Right” and link to it from here, in case you’re interested.)

Schedule-wise, since I’m kinda busy, I definitely won’t be overwhelming you with articles. Once in awhile, I might bang out two (or three?) in a week. Normally, though, I’ll probably post once every week or two but no less than once per month. Or so. I think. We’ll see. So, be sure to subscribe or check in often.

Oh, and if you have an idea for a post that would fit in here that you would like to write, contact me and tell me what you have in mind. I would be especially interested in topics that I don’t cover, as indicated above. If all goes well, maybe you can be a regular (or, irregular, as the case may be) guest poster!

Alright! Hope you enjoy! Tell your friends! Be sure to comment — with civility and respect, of course (and keep it PG) — and I’ll see you in the funny pages!



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